The European Avant-Garde – Dublin, 25 et 26 septembre 2009

An interdisciplinary postgraduate conference

Supported by the Graduate School of Arts and Celtic Studies,

University College Dublin

Friday 25th September


Registration and Welcome


Session 1: Gender, Theory and the Avant-Garde

“Pushing the Boundaries: Ambivalence and the body in the work of Salvador Dalì”

(Fiona Noble, University of Aberdeen)

“Claude Cahun and the French Surrealist avant-garde in the post First World War period”

(Rebecca Ferreboeuf, University of Leeds)

“Multiplying the radical – to the root – avant-garde: The rhzomatic Merzbau

(Gemma Carroll, University College Cork)


Coffee Break


Session 2: Comparative Perspectives on the Avant-Garde

“‘nat language in any sinse of the world’: Avant-Garde approaches to language in Joyce and Tzara”

(Paul Fagan, University of Vienna

“Soffici between Marinetti’s Futurism and Apollinaire”

(Mila Milani, University of Manchester)

“Between Repudiation and Homage: European Influences in Polish Poetic and Visual Avant-Garde, 1918-1930”

(Justyna Stępień, University of Łódź and Kamila Pawlikowska, University of Kent)


Wine Reception

Saturday 26th September




Session 3: New Approaches to Futurism, Vorticism and Dadaism

“‘With our bodies grazed and scraped’: How Futurism fought to forge an avant-garde prototype”

(Sarah Hayden, University College Cork)

“A guide to dissolute Berlin”

(Jean O’Donovan, University College Cork)


Coffee Break


Session 4: Avant-Garde Poetry

“Atelier 17 and the Europa Poets”

(Sandra O’Connell, Independent Scholar)

“Aesthetic Suicide: An allegorical reading of Lorca’s Suicidio en Alejandria

(Tara Plunkett, Queens University, Belfast)

“The Reach of Revolutionary Aesthetics: A Comparative Study of the Influence of the European Avant-Garde on the work of the American and Québecois poets, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Gaston Miron”

(Muireann Leonard, Independent Scholar)


Lunch Break


Session 5: Translating the Avant-Garde

“Visual ‘surrealisation’, ludic translation of Surrealism”

(Elise Aru, University College London)

“‘All the energized past, all the past that is living’: Ezra Pound between translation experiments and avant-garde”

(Giovanna Epifania, University of Bari)

“Writing into the Future by Recounting the Past—The Mandarin Translation of James Joyce’s Ulysses

(Chih Hsien Hsieh, University College Dublin)


Coffee Break


Session 6: Theatre and the Avant-Garde

“Bernard Shaw’s Irish characters and the rise of reverse snobbery”

(David Clare, University College Dublin)

“‘The margins of the nation displacing the centre’: The Rejection of the Wider European narrative: Sean O’Casey’s The Silver Tassie

(Conor Plunkett, Queens University, Belfast)

“Half Beast-Half Angel: Djuna Barnes Nightwood and German Expressionist Drama”

(Kate Armond, University of East Anglia)


Conference Dinner

Selena Daly
PhD candidate (Italian Studies)
University College Dublin
(Government of Ireland scholar (IRCHSS) and National University of Ireland scholar)

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