Dada’s Women

Ruth Hemus, Dada’s Women. Yale University Press, 2009

The European Dada movement of the early twentieth century has long been regarded as a male preserve, one in which women have been relegated to footnotes or mentioned only as the wives, girlfriends, or sisters of Dada men. This book challenges that assumption, focusing on the creative contributions made to Dada by five pivotal European women. It establishes the ways in which Emmy Hennings and Sophie Taeuber in Zurich, Hannah Höch in Berlin, and Suzanne Duchamp and Céline Arnauld in Paris made important interventions across fine art, literature, and performance. The book highlights how their techniques and approaches were characteristic of Dada’s rebellion against aesthetic and cultural conventions, analyses the impact of gender on each woman’s work, and shows convincingly that they were innovators and not imitators. In its new and original perspective on Dada, Dada’s Women broadens our appreciation and challenges accepted understandings of this revolutionary avant-garde movement.

Hardback, 256 pp

60 colour + 20 b & w illustrations.

ISBN 9780300141481.

Available at £30

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